Do you want to shoot?

Of course, people are different in many ways. And they differ, for example, in their views on weapons and their use. We find among us a number of those who avoid firearms and side with those who use them, but there are also many who like shooting.

Of course, those who were enchanted by the shooting not only dream of what it would be like to have their own revolver, rifle, machine gun, submachine gun, or something more effective. They also try to make their dreams come true. And there are ways to achieve this. But often they are not what similar people would like.

voják se zbraní

For example, anyone who wants to shoot with a good weapon can join the army. He will definitely get a similar opportunity here. But it is logical that the army will not accept anyone who is interested in the service, and on the contrary, many people do not accept what the army requires, just for a few shots. So it`s a solution just for someone.

Other people can become police officers, but this is also a profession that requires a lot from candidates, and not everyone can do so just because of the opportunity to shoot from time to time.

stará pistole

And other people can apply for a gun license, for example. Which is probably the most advantageous compared to the above options. But even here, not only someone succeeds, even in similar people, certain qualities are required, which not everyone suits.

So if none of the above comes into play? Then you can only use the shooting range in Prague. Here, they have more than one type of weapon at their disposal, including those that normal mortals do not normally access. Shooting Packages that people can choose from here offer really different options, so everyone can choose here. And with borrowed weapons and equipment and under the supervision of a Czech and English speaking instructor, everyone can shoot here whenever they want. Regardless of the season and weather.

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